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Name:Linda Patten
Company:Dare 2 Lead With Linda
Title:Leadership Trainer for Women Entrepreneurs and Changemakers
Address:3000 Citrus Circle #106
City:Walnut Creek
Country:United States of America
Phone No:9252553359
Cell No:
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Linda Patten
Meet Linda Patten

Are you ready to take my challenge to Dare 2 Lead?

I love to work with smart, accomplished women who are ready for my challenge: Dare to Lead! My training covers the mindset and skills that a woman leader needs to be successful, no matter what endeavor she chooses to tackle.

You may be someone who…

Has a passion or the seed of an idea to make Big Change.

You may not know where to start, or if your current skills will get you there. To grow that seed into a full-bodied, world-level movement takes a special set of leadership, influence, and relationship-building skills. I support you in following your passion, nurturing that seed, and with concrete skills to ensure that it blooms and flourishes!

Left a military or corporate background to step onto the strange new Planet Entrepreneur.

The familiar rank and rules no longer apply. Command isn’t working for you anymore. Men don’t know what to do with you, team members jump ship. I know, I lived through it. I’ve been fired for it. I’ve lost teams. I’ve lost clients. And I conquered it! Now I help women like you step into another – powerful and rewarding – type of leadership.

Is a leader but she doesn’t know it yet (shhhh….!): the Reluctant Leader.

You take the lead in your life, family, community, job. Yet you don’t see yourself as the powerful influencer and organizer that you truly are. I hold your leadership space for you (even when you don’t believe it yourself), help you uncover the natural leader waiting inside to shine, and guide you to confidently, successfully step into your leadership gifts.
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